Things You Need To See And Experience In Copenhagen!

Talk about popular destinations in Europe, and you have Copenhagen. The Danish capital isn’t the cheapest city for a traveller for sure, but if offers an incredible mix of things that you may not find in other European cities. Also, a report suggested that it is the ‘happiest city in the world’. If you are here on a break, we recommend that you keep at least a week aside, and here are some of things you must see and experience.

Include a food trip

It’s well known that people in Copenhagen love their hotdogs, so you are likely to find a bunch of choices all over the city. If you are in mood for some more, head straight to Papirøen (Paper Island), which is great for an evening walk. You will find all sorts of stalls here, from craft beers to amazing steaks. The Torvehallerne street food market is equally famous among locals and frequent travellers, while Koedbyen is a good choice to hop around bars.

See the important places

Copenhagen has some amazing points of attraction. The first one being the Little Mermaid – which is a famed sculpture, although there are people who find it underwhelming. Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, and the rollercoaster here should be on your must-experience list. Denmark is pretty well known for its castles, and the Rosenborg Castle is located right in the middle of the city. For those in mood for shopping, Strøget is a good choice and the largest shopping area. If you are keen on checking a few exhibits from stone age, head straight to National Museum. The Round Tower is a functional observatory and was built in 17th century.

If you were enchanted by the photos of colorful homes in Copenhagen, you should make time for Nyhavn. The harbor area is also great to take guided boat tours along the waterways – a great way to explore the city. Nyhavn has some amazing restaurants too, although on the expensive side. Did we mention that Copenhagen is a great city for traveling around on a cycle? Yes, the roads are safe, and you can get around the corners easily.

Stay at a luxury holiday apartment

What’s more fun that staying at one of the luxury holiday apartments in Copenhagen city centre? Hotels are anyway expensive in this city like most of Denmark, and these vacation rentals offer real value for money, especially if you are on an extended trip. You can expect to get some great deals, if booked in advance, and yes, there are all sorts of choices – right from one-bedroom rentals for honeymooners to exotic penthouses.

Like most places of Denmark, Copenhagen ensures that travelers feel free and safe. You don’t have to bother about venturing out late, and yes, it is always a good idea to try hopping between local bars. Blågårdsgade, for instance, has some amazing bars, clubs and pubs with live music. Evenings here are well spent – so do make time.